Keller Shaft, Mammoth Cave National Park

Keller Shaft, Mammoth Cave National Park
Keller Shaft, Mammoth Cave National Park, Photo by Roger Brucker

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Outline and Contents

Outline and Contents

This outline of recommended elements and principles is useful for quickly forming and training cave saving teams, and for upgrading environmental and caving groups to help them become expert first responders.  Consult this outline when you need to respond to karst threats on short notice.

The final draft will have a detailed outline – we are staying with major headers for this draft. Suggestions welcome!

Preface:  The need for this handbook                                                                          4

Introduction:  Responding quickly and effectively to a karst crisis                           7

I. Discovery:  Finding out what’s going on                                                                15

II. Marketing: Getting your message out there                                                          25

III. One-way informing: Tools to use                                                                        27

IV. Two-way communication, or negotiating                                                           35

V. Preparing for challenges over the long haul                                                        37

Afterword                                                                                                                     37

Appendices: Resources for cave and karst rapid response                                          38

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